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Foreign investment is permitted in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations of the Country. All foreign investors are permitted to invest, for the purpose of developing and producing goods and activities, in all areas of industry, mining, agriculture, and services.

The activities can be divided into four main areas.


1- Foreign investment in Iran


2- External financing


3- Investing abroad


4- Foreign economic relations




Foreign investment in Iran:

 provides legal protection and full security for foreign investment.


We are responsible for receiving all applications for investment acceptance, issuing investment licenses, directing affairs, protecting the rights of investors in approved projects, as well as providing various services to investors, including providing assistance, coordination, and facilitation of all Their investment matters, even after the issuance of a foreign investment license.

We are responsible for overseeing all matters relating to the transfer of foreign investment, managing and negotiating bilateral and multilateral agreements, and encouraging and reciprocally supporting the investment of foreign governments and international organizations. Currently, regardless of the ongoing negotiations with a large number of countries 58, the bilateral agreement encourages and reciprocates investment support with most European countries, Southeast Asia, neighboring countries, and other countries in the Middle East, North and South Africa. Signed.



External financing:


One of the important areas of the organization's activity is directing all matters related to international financial and credit institutions as well as export credit guarantee agencies, the World Bank Group, the Islamic Development Bank, the OPEC Fund for Development and other international organizations. These activities occur in the General Directorate of Loans, Associations and International Institutions of the Organization. It is also responsible for directing negotiations with governments and government agencies to conclude loan and credit agreements and, most importantly, managing the issuance of foreign loan and credit repayment guarantees, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance.



Investing abroad:


Investment of public and private companies abroad regarding the export of capital and technical and engineering services of Iranian companies. A large number of Iranian government investments abroad have been made by Iran Foreign Investment Company,the largest Iranian investment company. However, the existing potential requires more investment to expand and encourage bilateral and multilateral economic relations.


Foreign economic relations:


We are responsible for all matters related to foreign economic relations, including joint economic commissions with several countries, as well as organizing and coordinating a series of tasks in the field of economic relations with countries around the world.